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Children’s medicine latest of dangerous or defective products

| Jan 21, 2016 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

With the winter season well underway in West Virginia and the rest of the country, parents are likely stocking up on cold-related medicines. Unfortunately, parents may have innocently picked up dangerous or defective products in the process. According to reports, one company has issued a voluntary recall of some of its children’s medicine.

This nationwide recall affects two particular retail batches of cold and cough grape liquid and three retail batches of cold and cough DM cherry liquid. Both were sold in 4-ounce bottles with dosage cups. Reportedly, the dosing cup that is provided with the bottle may not have the correct markings on it. This can result in the overdose of medication in children, which could lead them to feel nauseous, have irregular heartbeats, become unresponsive, suffer from hallucinations, or it could even result in fatal injuries.

It does appear that this affected only the store brand liquid medications. The grape liquid was sold at two stores — CVS and H.E.B. The cherry liquid was sold at several stores and includes store brands like Rite-Aid, Sunmark, Kroger, Topcare, GoodSense, Care One, Dollar General and CVS.

It is unclear at this time whether any children have suffered any sorts of injuries as a result of these dangerous or defective products that were released onto market shelves for trusting parents to purchase. However, it is clear that the potential for harm exists . For West Virginia residents who have had sick children, purchased one of the aforementioned medications and their children suffered adverse reactions due to overdoses, it may be possible to obtain some level of financial relief by going to civil court. The entire supply chain of this medication — manufacturers, distributors and retailers — may be able to be named as defendants in this type of product liability lawsuit. 

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