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Dangerous or defective products can put a damper on holiday fun

| Jan 9, 2016 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

West Virginia parents may want to review the toys their children received for Christmas this year. This seems particularly true where hoverboards are concerned. There have been numerous emergency room visits and complaints citing these popular new toys as dangerous or defective products in many locations throughout the nation.

Some hospitals have reported onslaughts of emergency room visits involving injuries associated with hoverboards. Both children and adults have been injured while riding the motorized, skateboard-like toys. Consumers have also come forward concerning a potential fire hazard associated with the scooters. One woman said that her 11-year-old daughter was riding the toy and jumped off just in time as it caught fire. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an investigation regarding the alleged fire hazard posed by the toys.

A mother in Florida stated that her son was beyond excited to receive a hoverboard for Christmas. Moments later, the family ended up in the emergency room after a fall resulted in the child’s wrist being broken. Broken bones, fractures and concussions seem to be the most frequent injuries hoverboard users have suffered.

A serious incident occurred when a 10-year-old boy suffered an open fracture requiring emergency surgery after his brand new hoverboard allegedly stalled during use, causing him to fall. Many complaints have been posted online. One came from former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who apparently took a bad fall after riding his daughter’s hoverboard.

Various entities are responsible for keeping consumers safe when it comes to products. Unfortunately, some neglect to report safety concerns, which can lead to dangerous situations for consumers. West Virginia residents who believe that they or their children have been injured by dangerous or defective products may want to consider filing legal claims with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney in the area.

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