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Honda motorcycles recalled for alleged auto defects

| Jan 14, 2016 | Auto Defects

Safety recalls of motorized vehicles are mong the most common types of product defects of which consumers should be aware. The auto defects do not stop at cars, trucks and SUVs, as this category also includes UTVs, 4-wheelers and motorcycles. For West Virginia residents who own Honda sports bikes, it may be time to check to ensure their bikes are not part of the company’s most recent recall.

The current recall relates to issues affecting the driveshaft and powertrain. The impacted models include the VFR1200F and VFR1200FD motorbikes. These bikes were produced in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Specifically, the universal joint could separate. This could result in the bike stalling. If the U-joint actually breaks, it could cause interference with the swingarm. As a result, the rear wheel has the potential to lock up, which significantly increases the chances of crashing.

Honda is expected to replace the bike’s driveshaft at no charge to consumers, as required under federal law. Recalls of these bikes began in December of last year. However, it has been noted that replacement parts may not be available at service centers until the middle of 2016.

When West Virginia motorcycle owners are injured in crashes that were caused by auto defects, it is their right to consider pursuing legal actions against the manufacturers. It is important that consumers realize that auto manufacturers have to ensure that the motor vehicles they are designing, manufacturing and selling to consumers will not cause the public harm. When a manufacturer fails to keep consumers safe, it is possible to hold it responsible for the harm that it has caused by pursuing a claim for monetary damages.

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