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Spinal cord injury sufferer sues hospital following surgery

| Jan 21, 2016 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can cause patients in West Virginia to lose complete control or partial control of their limbs, thus negatively impacting their quality of life. Unfortunately, sometimes spinal cord injury is a result of the negligence of another party. One person in another state recently said he suffered this type of injury at a hospital.

The man said he went to the hospital to undergo surgery so that damaged intervertebral disks could be removed and repaired. The disks were located in the man’s neck, and during this procedure, the man reportedly suffered injury to his spine. The injury has caused him permanent injuries.

The man said that while he was undergoing surgery, no neurologist was present. He said a neurologist was needed to monitor as well as interpret somatosensory data. He has thus filed a medical negligence suit against the hospital.

As part of the man’s negligence suit, he is seeking over $50,000 in damages along with litigation costs and a jury trial. A person who suffers a spinal cord injury because of another persons’ carelessness has the right to pursue compensatory and punitive damages, as recognized under state law, with punitive damages awarded in cases of egregious fault. Only if liability is established according to the high standards of the civil court in West Virginia will a judge adjudicate claims for monetary damages. Financial restitution in a case that is successfully litigated may help the injury victim cover the cost of the treatment needed for his or her spinal cord injury as well as any other expenses tied to the injury-causing incident.

Source:, “Orthopedic patient blames Ingalls Memorial for permanent spinal injuries“, Robert Hadley, Jan. 8, 2016