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Auto defects involving air bags lead to vehicle recalls

| Feb 11, 2016 | Personal Injury

Sometimes automobiles in West Virginia end up malfunctioning, thus putting consumers’ health or even their lives at risk. One recent case involving auto defects that may impact some vehicle owners in West Virginia deals with auto air bags made by Continental Automotive Systems. The problem has led to the recalls of nearly five million vehicles.

According to officials, moisture has the ability to enter the air bag control computers. This may cause the corrosion and failure of the power supplies. If this occurs, a car’s air bags might not inflate during a collision, or the bags might inflate even when a crash has not happened.

Cars that are part of the recent recall of faulty air bags date back to 2006. Companies that have used these air bags in their vehicles include Mercedes, Honda and Fiat Chrysler, with Honda already reporting a couple of injuries from this problem. Officials said the automakers would replace the problematic computers for free for vehicle owners.

Auto defects in West Virginia can easily cause major injuries that lead to hefty medical bills or even to the loss of wages if an injured person cannot work for a time due to his or her injuries. A vehicle problem may also unfortunately cause a person to suffer fatal injuries. A person who is injured or the surviving loved ones of a person who has died as a result of an auto defect have the right to file liability claims against the reportedly at-fault car manufacturer. Liability needs to be established to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing the case in order for claims for monetary damages to be adjudicated.

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