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Defective products including AC cord and lamps recalled

| Feb 19, 2016 | Personal Injury

Some items that people in West Virginia may be using every day have recently sparked concern. These defective products are currently under recall. They include an AC power cord and ceiling lamps.

Microsoft has recalled its AC power cord for its Surface Pro devices, including the Surface Pro as well as the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3. The cords are being recalled because they have the potential to overheat, thus posing a shock or fire hazard. Microsoft received over 50 reports of the cords overheating and then emitting flames; so far, five people have been injured. The cords were sold by Microsoft as well as at stores such as Best Buy.

IKEA is also recalling ceiling lamps that feature retaining clips designed to secure the lamps’ glass shades to their housings. According to the company, the clips may break, thus causing the shades to fall and cut someone. Over 200 reports have been received about incidents leading to injuries.

When people are hurt as a result of using defective products, it is within their rights to take legal action, seeking damages. No amount of money may fully take away the negative consequences of using a defective product. Nevertheless, a successfully litigated case might result in a financial damage award that may help to pay for medical costs and other losses tied to the use of the dangerous products. Liability has to be established to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing the case before claims for damages will be adjudicated in West Virginia.

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