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Documentation important following slip-and-fall accidents

| Feb 26, 2016 | Uncategorized

Injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents are generally not uncommon in the retail stores. In fact, they constitute a big portion of injuries related to shopping. Unfortunately, many people in West Virginia and other states do not understand their rights following slip-and-fall accidents.

When a slip-and-fall accident occurs, it is wise for a person to document his or her injuries. This includes taking a photo of any injury that he or she has sustained. If there are no store associates in the area, the person may call 911 if it is a serious injury. The injury victim might also want to ask the manager of the store to complete an incident report for him or her. The more documentation that can be completed, the better for the victim.

Even if a slip-and-fall accident occurs outside, the store might still be liable if the incident happened on its property. Sometimes parking lots have hazards such as poorly paved areas and gravel that is broken up. Icy patches, poor lighting and even cracked pavement are grounds for litigation. Inside the store, a slick floor — even one that is not wet — may present a hazard leading to a slip-and-fall accident for which the store might be held liable.

In addition to writing down what happened as well as how it occurred following a slip-and-fall, it is wise to seek legal guidance. Legal counsel can outline what options injured people have for getting their health care bills paid. A successfully fought claim may lead to a damage award, which may help to cover medical bills, the loss of wages and other losses resulting from slip-and-fall accidents in West Virginia.

Source:, “Supermarket Slip and Falls: Your Rights and the Grocery Store’s Responsibilities“, Mike Talbot, Feb. 23, 2016