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Blue flywheels are newly recalled defective products

| Mar 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Consumers in West Virginia naturally expect the products they purchase to be safe for use, but, unfortunately, this does not always happen. One product that was recently recalled due to defects particularly affects bicyclists. The defective products, CompuTrainer Blue Flywheels, are being recalled since they have the potential to shatter and thus pose an injury risk.

RacerMate makes the blue flywheels. According to authorities, the flywheel may shatter while being used and thus throw pieces of metal into the air. The bike rider and even bystanders may be injured by the flying pieces.

The problematic flywheels were manufactured prior to 2008 — between November 1997 and November 2008 — and are utilized in making bikes stationary for training indoors. A total of 25,000 units are involved in the recall and were each sold for around $1,500. So far, RacerMate has gotten five reports about shattering flywheels, with three people suffering injuries, including leg bruises and lacerations. Consumers are encouraged to quit using and to remove the flywheels. They may receive a silver replacement flywheel at no cost.

Even when recalls are issued in West Virginia for dangerous products, sometimes customers have already been hurt from using these products. It is within the rights of consumers who are harmed by defective products to assess all of their legal options for righting any wrongs. This includes demanding reimbursement for financial damages sustained when using the harmful products. Claims for monetary damages will be decided only if liability is established in a manner that the civil court finds satisfactory, based upon a showing of negligence.

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