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Zipp bike wheel hubs are newly recalled defective products

| Mar 19, 2016 | Uncategorized

Bicyclists in West Virginia may be using wheel hubs that were recently found to pose a safety hazard. About 57,000 Zipp wheel hubs for high-end bicycles have been recalled. Officials said these defective products may fail and thus possibly cause a collision.

The hubs being recalled are made out of aluminum. They were marketed at specialty bike stores between May 2010 and Jan. 2015. The hubs came with new bicycles’ wheel sets.

The problematic hubs were sold for nearly $215; they were additionally sold with front wheels for about $1,325. One other set with a back wheel was marketed at $2,950. The maker of these Zipp hubs, SRAM, reported receiving a single report of a failing hub that might have caused a wheel to collapse. So far, injuries have not been reported. Consumers are encouraged to refrain from using the bikes that have the hubs and get in touch with SRAM or with a local bicycle shop for a replacement hub at no cost.

Consumers who are injured due to using defective products have the right to file liability claims against the makers of the products, seeking damages. A monetary award may help to cover the cost of medical care required as a result of the injury; it may also help to cover the loss of wages if a person’s injuries were severe enough to prevent him or her from being able to return to work for a period of time. Liability must be established to the court’s satisfaction before claims for damages will be considered in West Virginia.

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