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Defective products include flashlights and helmets

| Apr 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Defective products in West Virginia can, unfortunately, cause serious harm to customers and, in some cases, lead to the loss of life. The recent recalls of a few household products may impact consumers in West Virginia. These defective products include flashlights and inline skating helmets.

Regarding the flashlights, three Coleman CTAC Lithium-Ion products have been recalled since the batteries have the potential to overheat and spark a fire. The flashlights were sold at multiple stores throughout the United States, including Sportsman’s Supply Company, Academy Sports + Outdoors, and Green Supply. They were also sold online between January of 2014 to August of 2015. So far, there have been two reports about the flashlight batteries becoming too hot and catching fire, although there have been no injuries.

Black Rollerblade inline skating helmets, called Maxxum helmets, are also being recalled since the plastic shell of a helmet may crack in the areas where the straps are attached. This may cause the helmet to move off of the head of the wearer, thus potentially leading to a head injury. A total of 500 of the helmets were sold, with no injuries being reported.

If defective products are not identified soon after production, people in West Virginia may end up being harmed by them before they can be recalled. In such a situation, it is within the rights of the injured party to pursue damages through a civil claim. Meanwhile, if a person dies after using a defective product, the individual’s loved ones may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer of the product.

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