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Volkswagen auto defects spark recall of e-Golfs

| Apr 2, 2016 | Defective Car Parts

Volkswagen drivers in West Virginia may understandably still be reeling in frustration following a recent Dieselgate scandal involving emissions testing. Unfortunately, yet another issue with the car maker has surfaced. This time, though, it does not involve emissions testing. The problem has to do with auto defects in its e-Golfs from the model year 2015/2016.

According to Volkswagen, an electrical defect may cause an unanticipated shutdown and vehicle crash. More than 5,500 vehicles are impacted by the recall. The fault specifically lies with the software used for the battery management systems of the cars.

In certain conditions, these systems may initiate emergency shutdowns in response to electrical current surges classified as critical threats to the health of the batteries. The drive motor is deactivated as a result, and the car then ends up stalling. This can lead to a crash, although other parts of the vehicle — the airbags, brakes and power steering — receive their power from a different 12V system and thus are not impacted.

Complaints about the electrical auto defects began to pour into Volkswagen in late 2015, and the company has agreed to upgrade the affected battery management software at no cost. Sometimes, however, people — in West Virginia or elsewhere — become seriously injured by product defects before the product maker can recall the dangerous product and address the problem. When individuals suffer injuries as a result of auto defects, they have the right to take legal action. Damages that are awarded in a successful lawsuit may help to cover the victim’s medical costs and other related losses.

Source:, “Volkswagen Recalls E-Golfs Due To Unexpected Shutdowns“, Andrew Hard, March 29, 2016