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Auto defects lead to recall of Kia Sedonas

| Jul 31, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

A vehicle defect involving Kia Sedona minivans may impact some drivers in West Virginia. A total of 220,000 minivans have been recalled due to auto defects involving the hoods. Specifically, the secondary latch designed to provide the hood with the support can easily pop open.

Because the secondary latch can open easily, this can rust and bind the hood. This poses a hazard to the vehicle’s driver and passengers since the hood might open all of a sudden while the automobile is on the road. Essentially, the second latch would be stuck in the open position.

The recall has impacted the Kia Sedona’s 2006-2014 negatively. It has been forecasted that sales of the Kia minivan may drop to 30 percent due to the recall. It remains unclear whether the Hyundai Entourage will have to be recalled as well since its platform mirrors that of Kia Sedona.

Auto defects in West Virginia can cause serious injuries or even death if the defects cannot be tackled quickly enough. In these situations, injured individuals have the right to file personal injury claims, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. The loved ones of a person who has died as a result of a car defect may elect to file a wrongful death claim. Liability has to be established to the satisfaction of the court before claims for damages will be determined. Even though monetary compensation cannot undo the events leading to the injuries or death caused by a defect, it may help the affected parties to more easily move forward from these types of ordeals.

Source:, “220,000 Kia Sedona Minivans Recalled for Hood Latches“, Jomar Teves, July 12, 2016