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Homeowners in West Virginia may be alarmed to learn that a couple of products in their homes may pose hazards for them and their families. The first of the dangerous household products is a chandelier. The second product is a ventilation fan.

An estimated 1,000 crystal chandeliers featuring eight lights are being recalled. The chandeliers were sold throughout the nation at Ethan Allen Design Centers between October 2007 and January 2016. The frame of the chandelier is silver and has crystal ornaments, while the loop located atop the chandelier is made from steel or zinc. The chandelier has the potential to fall since the loop can break. So far, there has been only a single report of a falling chandelier, and fortunately, there have not yet been any injuries reported.

An estimated 450 fans that are made to circulate air in a building or home are also being recalled. Nine brands of these ventilation fans were sold at stores selling building, plumbing and heating supplies throughout the United States between February and March of 2016. The fan motor might overheat, potentially causing a fire. So far, incidents have not been reported in connection with the fans.

People in West Virginia who are injured due to using dangerous household products, fortunately, have the right to seek to hold the manufacturers of these products accountable through the civil court system. They may choose to file product liability claims against the product manufacturers, pursuing the reimbursement of damages. A financial award in a product liability case that is completed successfully may help to cover medical bills and other expenses linked to the use of the hazardous products.

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