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Physical abuse or negligence may lead to injuries in nursing home

| Jul 17, 2016 | Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

When West Virginia nursing homes fail to properly care for their residents, patients can end up suffering serious injuries. In some cases, the injuries are a result of physical abuse. Negligence is another common cause. In another state, a former patient of a nursing home claimed that a ceiling fell on him while he was at the facility, resulting in his filing a negligence suit against the establishment.

The man was recovering from a stroke at the nursing facility when the accident happened. He claimed he was placed beneath a ceiling that was poorly maintained and faulty. At the time, he was immobile and could not protect himself from the falling ceiling.

The collapse of the ceiling reportedly caused the man both emotional and physical damages. These damages are said to have prolonged and complicated the man’s stroke recovery. According to the plaintiff, the incident also caused him to require additional therapy and medical treatment. He alleged that the staff members’ disregard of the dangerous property condition caused the injuries.

The man is requesting a trial by jury in this case and is pursuing damages totaling $100,000. Those in the state of West Virginia who are placed in the care of a nursing home have the right to seek to hold that facility accountable if they end up becoming injured due to the claimed negligence of the nursing home and/or its staff. If liability in a case involving claims of physical abuse or negligence is established to a civil court’s satisfaction, monetary damage claims will be decided.

Source:, “Man sues SNF after ceiling collapses on him“, Phil Brahm, July 6, 2016