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Basic Peak fitness trackers considered dangerous products

| Aug 11, 2016 | Products Liability

One product whose recent recall may impact consumers in West Virginia is the Basis Peak band. The company Basis is focused on designing as well as building fitness trackers. However, these specific devices are considered to be dangerous products due to overheating.

The Basis product has advanced sensors that constantly capture people’s heart-rate patterns, skin temperature and perspiration throughout the night and day. Users can then pinpoint opportunities in their daily lives to adjust their routines — for example, by getting more regular sleep or engaging in more activity. Users can simply select the areas on which they want to focus, and then Basis will handle the rest by keeping track.

However, a few months ago, the company suggested that it had received some reports that the devices were overheating. Thus, the company told the device owners to stop using them until the company could produce a software update to address the reports of blistering or burning. However, the company could not resolve this problem, which has led to its recent recall of all of the devices.

West Virginia consumers who are injured by dangerous products might naturally feel violated and cheated. They are entitled to assess all of their legal options to correct any wrongs that have been committed, including demanding the monetary damages sustained by using the harmful products. A financial award in a successfully litigated lawsuit may help to cover any medical costs stemming from the use of a dangerous product as well as help to address emotional distress caused by the ordeal.

Source:, “Intel recalls Basis Peak fitness trackers due to fire hazard, kills product line“, Joel Hruska, Aug. 4, 2016