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Surgical errors allegedly lead to heart surgery patient’s death

| Aug 21, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

When doctors fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care in West Virginia, there may be fatal consequences. The family of a man in another state recently claimed that a medical facility and a doctor who used to work there committed surgical errors that caused the death of their loved one. They have filed a lawsuit against these two parties as a result.

The death occurred in 2011 after the defendant doctor performed heart surgery on him. The doctor was later terminated by the medical facility and ended up surrendering his medical license due to a investigation associated with the man’s death. The firing occurred after the medical facility hired a consultant to look at the records of seven patients on whom he operated while he was at the facility.

In August 2011, the doctor performed a heart valve repair and heart bypass surgery on the 77-year-old patient, who reportedly bled a lot during the surgery. The man died the following day. The family asserted that the doctor left the man on a bypass machine for too long. They also claimed that the doctor should have harvested one of the patient’s veins instead of harvesting one of his arteries.

When surgical errors lead to a patient’s death in West Virginia, the medical facility and doctor reportedly responsible for the death may be held financially responsible through the civil court system. A medical malpractice claim may be successful if liability is established through competent proof in court. Any resulting monetary damages awarded may help to cover funeral costs and other financial losses stemming from the medical malpractice incident.

Source:, “Family sues Meriter over death after surgery by doctor who was fired“, David Wahlberg, Aug. 16, 2016