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Defective products from Samsung spark recall

| Sep 16, 2016 | Uncategorized

An official recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s is underway, which may impact consumers in West Virginia as well as those in other states. Samsung recently shared its own program for recalling and replacing these defective products after receiving reports concerning the phone batteries’ potential to explode. However, the company is now working to create an official recall with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

At the moment, both the CPSC and Samsung are encouraging people who have purchased the Galaxy Note 7 to stop using these devices. Consumers have also been instructed to quit charging their devices. Samsung reported that just 24 out of a million devices have been impacted by the possible fire risk.

Although a seemingly small number of phones are affected, the problem is alarming since people generally keep their phones in their pockets or use them near their faces. The ability to get a replacement Galaxy Note 7 when returning a potentially defective one is pending the approval of the CPSC. Still, according to Samsung, carriers and retailers might be able to provide different loaner devices in the meantime.

Individuals in West Virginia who suffer injuries due to using defective products have the right to seek to seek full financial accountability from the maker of these products through the civil court system. A legal claim that is litigated successfully may result in monetary restitution, which may cover losses stemming from the use of the dangerous products, such as the loss of wages or medical costs. Claims for monetary damages will be adjudicated once liability is established to the court’s satisfaction.

Source:, “Consumer Product Safety Commission: Stop using the Galaxy Note 7“, Devindra Hardawar, Sept. 9, 2016