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Happy Meal wristbands deemed dangerous products

| Sep 2, 2016 | Products Liability

West Virginia consumers whose children have received fitness bands in their McDonald’s Happy Meals may be impacted by a recall involving these bands, which is one of several recalls issued recently in the United States. Millions of the fitness bands are considered dangerous products because they might cause burns, as well as skin irritation to children. McDonald’s recently said it would quit distributing these bands.

A total of 29 million bands are being recalled throughout the country. The company said it received over 70 incident reports after children put on the bands. For instance, seven of the reports indicated that children suffered blisters.

These Step-It Fitness wristbands are made of plastic and are available in the colors of red, green, blue, purple and orange. They are similar to watches and designed to track a person’s physical activity. Customers have been instructed to return their wristbands to the fast-food restaurant for complementary replacement toys, as well as either apple slices or yogurt. The problematic wristbands were sold from Aug. 9 to Aug. 17.

If people in the state of West Virginia are harmed by using dangerous products, the manufacturers of these products may be held financially responsible for the harm caused to their customers. Victims of product defects retain the right to assess all of their legal options to correct any wrongs that have been done. This includes demanding financial damages sustained through the use of the harmful products. Although monetary compensation cannot undo the events that led to a consumer’s injuries, it may help to address emotional distress and pain and suffering caused by the product defect.

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