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Helmets and chicken toys among dangerous products

| Sep 9, 2016 | Products Liability

A few products were recently recalled, which may affect some consumers in West Virginia. One of these dangerous products is a SAHN bicycle helmet. Another one is a Bump and Go toy chicken that lays eggs.

The SAHN Classic SH523 helmet for adults is being recalled because it is said not to comply with federal impact requirements designed to ensure a bike user’s safety. The helmet therefore poses a head injury risk. There have not been any incidents reported yet, but nearly 2,000 of these helmets have been sold in the United States. The helmets were marketed at various boutique dealers between 2013 and 2015 at nearly $130 each.

The Bump and Go toy that is also being recalled features music and lights and is battery powered. It is being recalled because it has small eggs, which poses a choking hazard to young children. The chicken also has the potential to break, with the resulting small pieces also creating a choking risk for children.

Even if a manufacturer is able to spot a defect in a product, this may not happen until consumers in West Virginia and other states have already been injured by the dangerous products. In this situation, an injured consumer might decide to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer in an effort to hold the company accountable. Monetary compensation in a successfully litigated claim may help to cover medical costs and other losses resulting from the use of the defective product. It might also help to address emotional distress and pain and suffering caused by the ordeal.

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