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Nursing home neglect suit alleging malnutrition, sores settled

| Sep 10, 2016 | Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

A family in another state moved an elderly woman into a nursing home so that she could receive proper care due to her dementia. However, according to her family, the woman ended up suffering from malnutrition and other health issues, which is not uncommon at nursing homes in West Virginia and other states. She eventually died, and her family decided to file a lawsuit against the nursing home in charge of her care. The lawsuit was recently settled.

The family claimed the woman was doing okay for a woman in her 80s. This was reportedly true even with her dementia progressing. The family asserted that she was able to do some walking and had not experienced any breakdown of her skin. However, after she went into the nursing home, she allegedly became worse and had to go to the hospital multiple times.

According to the woman’s family, during the woman’s stint at the nursing home, she experienced both malnutrition and dehydration. She is also said to have suffered pressure sores that were bone deep. The family alleged that her sores became infected with the type of bacteria present in feces, and she had to undergo a leg amputation. She later died in 2009 at the age of 82. Her family was recently awarded over $30 million in damages after experiencing delays in their nursing negligence case that lasted years.

Sometimes nursing facilities lack enough staff or have other problems that cause their residents to suffer malnutrition or other life-threatening conditions. Fortunately, nursing homes in West Virginia and other states may be held liable for injuries or deaths that happen on their watch due to negligence. A preponderance of the evidence is necessary to establish liability in a nursing home neglect case. Once achieved, claims for monetary damages will be adjudicated.

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