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October 2016 Archives

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from vitamin D supplements

Patients in West Virginia and other states who have suffered injuries to their spinal cords may find that their vitamin D levels are insufficient. However, researchers recently stated that vitamin D supplements can help to improve their depression symptoms. Supplements might also help to improve fatigue in spinal cord injury patients.

Woman admitted to nursing home suffers dehydration, dies

A hospital as well as a nursing home in another state were recently sued over an elderly woman's death. According to the suit, the woman suffered dehydration and other issues before being sent to a hospital and dying. If a person in West Virginia suffers injuries and dies while being taken care of by a nursing home, that nursing home may be held liable for the death.

Target recalls Halloween-themed dangerous products

People in West Virginia who purchased their Halloween decorations at Target this year may be affected by a recent product recall. The discount retailer is recalling about 127,000 dangerous products that are Halloween themed. Specifically, the products under recall are LED gel clings.

Trial involving birth injuries results in $11.5 million award

A couple in another state was recently awarded $11.5 million following a medical malpractice trial. The couple had claimed that their child's brain was severely damaged during the birth process at a hospital. If a person's baby suffers birth injuries due to the negligence of health care professionals in West Virginia or other states, this individual has the right to take legal action.

Failure to diagnose or treat condition may be grounds for suit

A woman in a different state was recently awarded almost $25 million in a medical malpractice case. The woman had filed a lawsuit after losing a leg as a result of a clot that was not treated properly. If a patient in West Virginia ends up being harmed as a result of a failure to diagnose, which results in his or her condition not being treated properly, the patient has the right to try to hold the at-fault medical provider accountable.

Auto defects spark recalls by Toyota, Ford, BMW

Vehicles manufactured by multiple companies have recently been recalled due to various defects. Toyota, Ford and BMW are issuing the recalls. If people in West Virginia are injured due to auto defects, it is within their rights to seek to hold the automobile makers accountable.

Efforts being made to improve tackling of dangerous products

Recalls of food products appear to be happening frequently in modern times, impacting consumers in West Virginia and other states. For instance, companies such as Kraft, General Mills and Kellogg's have recalled products due to undeclared allergens or E. coli during the past few months. If people are harmed due to consuming dangerous products, it is within their rights to take legal action.

Traumatic brain injury impacts more than a million people yearly

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, about 140 individuals in the U.S., including in West Virginia, pass away as a result of brain injury each day. A traumatic brain injury is a bump, jolt or blow to a person's head that disrupts the individual's brain function. These types of injuries impact about 1.7 million individuals each year.

Nursing home residents who experience physical abuse can sue

Thousands of Americans, including those in West Virginia, are neglected, beaten or underfed in nursing homes each year. Up until now, residents who underwent physical abuse were unable to sue for redress in these situations, and neither could their families. This is because they signed paperwork featuring a clause that required them to do confidential, private arbitration in the event of a dispute. However, a new federal rule has banned binding arbitration clauses at long-term-care facilities that accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Surgical errors, infections grounds for malpractice claim

A jury recently awarded damages totaling almost $9 million to a man in another state regarding his medical malpractice lawsuit. The claim was filed against a surgeon and the parent company of a hospital. When a patient suffers harm in West Virginia due to surgical errors or infections, for example, it is within the patient's rights to seek full accountability from the party considered responsible in civil court.

Dangerous products being recalled include Float X2 shocks

Bicyclists in West Virginia whose bikes feature Float X2 shocks have been encouraged to quit using their bikes. This is because these dangerous products from Fox Factory have the potential to rupture and thus lead to serious injury. A voluntary recall of some of the most recent Float X2 shocks is currently being planned.

Reports of brake malfunction in Ford F-150 pickup trucks

Federal officials recently started an investigation into whether the brakes on particular Ford F-150 trucks are safe. These pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in the United States, including in West Virginia. The investigation into brake malfunction stems from what National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials said people have described as the complete and sudden loss of braking.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from stem cell research

People in West Virginia who have suffered injuries to their spinal cords can suffer from a wide range of complications, along with numbness and paralysis. Some of these issues are due to the lack of GABA, a neurotransmitter, in the spinal cord that has been injured. However, new research shows that embryonic stem cells from humans may be able to be transformed into a different type of cell that produces GABA. This might help to alleviate bladder dysfunction and chronic pain, two major side effects of spinal cord injury.

Infections, other issues can result from medical malpractice

When people go to hospitals or medical facilities, they naturally expect to receive professional care. Although there is no guarantee that a doctor can help a patient, a doctor is expected to, at minimum, do his or her best. Unfortunately, this does not always occur in West Virginia and other states, leading to issues such as infections and medication errors. Both are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Alleged dangerous property conditions cause fall at Outback

A woman in a recent out-of-state case claimed that she recently fell at a restaurant due to the eatery's negligence. She has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the restaurant, alleging dangerous property conditions. The restaurant being sued is Outback Steakhouse. Any person in West Virginia or another state who has been injured at a business due to the property owner's negligence has the right to file a liability claim against the business, seeking damages.

Infant carriers are defective products

Parents of young babies in West Virginia may be alarmed to learn that certain infant carriers were recently considered dangerous and thus have been recalled. The problematic items recalled are the Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbu carriers. According to officials, these defective products pose a fall hazard.

Falls leading to death may happen due to nursing home negligence

The family of a woman in another state who recently died in a nursing home has claims that the woman's death was the result of negligence. Therefore, the family has decided to file a nursing home neglect lawsuit against the nursing facility. The woman who passed away at the facility was 88 years old. In West Virginia and other states, nursing homes may be held financially responsible for injuries or deaths stemming from falls that occur due to their carelessness.

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