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Dangerous products being recalled include Float X2 shocks

| Oct 14, 2016 | Products Liability

Bicyclists in West Virginia whose bikes feature Float X2 shocks have been encouraged to quit using their bikes. This is because these dangerous products from Fox Factory have the potential to rupture and thus lead to serious injury. A voluntary recall of some of the most recent Float X2 shocks is currently being planned.

The shocks that are slated to be recalled are all shocks from the model year of 2016 and then some shocks from the model year of 2017. The questionable Float X2 shocks were shipped on Sept. 9 or earlier. Not only have consumers been instructed to stop using them but also bike retailers and suppliers have been instructed not to sell bikes with these shocks.

The reason the Float X2 shocks can rupture is because of a rise in internal air pressure. A formal recall should be released with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission soon. The company recently emphasized that it is against the law to try to resell a product that has been recalled.

If a person in West Virginia is injured due to using a defective product, it is within his or her rights to file a product liability claim against the product manufacturer, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages sustained from the use of the product. Successful outcomes of product liability cases may lead to monetary damages that can help to cover medical treatment expenses as well as the loss of wages due to having to recover from injuries. Damages may also help to address pain and suffering stemming from the use of the dangerous products.

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