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Infant carriers are defective products

| Oct 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

Parents of young babies in West Virginia may be alarmed to learn that certain infant carriers were recently considered dangerous and thus have been recalled. The problematic items recalled are the Lenny Lamb Buckle Onbu carriers. According to officials, these defective products pose a fall hazard.

The Buckle Onbu infant carriers are designed in such a way as to enable a person to strap a baby against his or her body at the hip. These carriers are intended to be used with children who can sit unassisted. People most commonly use them for carrying babies on their backs.

The specific problem with the carriers is they are missing internal stitching, so children may fall out of the device. So far, no incidents have been reported in connection with this defect. However, an estimated 900 of these carriers have been sold in the US between May 2016 and June 2016. These carriers were sold by online retailers, including Lenny Lamb, Ashley Hesch Bibetts, 5 Minute Recess and Savanna Brown.

When manufacturers produce defective products, consumers can easily suffer serious injuries or even lose their lives. An injured consumer in West Virginia retains the right to file a product liability lawsuit in this situation, seeking the reimbursement of damages tied to the use of the dangerous product. In addition, the family members of a consumer who has died may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the manufacturer. Although a financial award in a successfully fought suit cannot reverse the events leading to the victim’s injury or death, it may help the plaintiffs to more easily move forward from the ordeal.

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