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Auto defects lead to Fiat Chrysler recalls

| Nov 28, 2016 | Defective Car Parts

Drivers in West Virginia may be operating dangerous vehicles that have recently been recalled. Auto defects were discovered in 89,000 SUVs and cars manufactured by Fiat Chrysler. Specifically, these vehicles may have issues with windshield wipers or fuel leaks.

The most critical recall covers about 35,000 Dodge Durangos as well as Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles throughout the world. The affected vehicles are from the model year of 2016. These automobiles’ fuel tubes might have suffered damage during the manufacturing process, which could lead to a gas leak and a subsequent fire. A leak was discovered in one automobile by an employee of Fiat Chrysler. So far, there have been no fires reported, but dealers have agreed to replace the fuel injector rails along with the lower intake manifolds as necessary.

Meanwhile, the second recall covers over 50,000 Dodge Dart compact vehicles. These 2016-model vehicles each have a windshield washer pump that reportedly causes an electrical voltage spike. This spike can lead to short circuits, which can ultimately make the windshield wipers fail and potentially cause an accident.

If car manufacturers in the state of West Virginia create dangerous vehicles that end up causing consumers harm on the road, these manufacturers may be held liable in civil court. The injured consumers may file liability claims, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages sustained due to the auto defects. A claim that is fought successfully may not only help to cover the victim’s losses but also may help the consumer to experience a sense of justice in light of the circumstances.

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