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Medication errors reportedly lead to patient’s death

| Nov 19, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

A woman in another state reportedly passed away after receiving a prescription for a new medication. Medication errors unfortunately can cause serious harm, including the loss of life, to a West Virginia patient. These types of mistakes are grounds for liability claims against the reportedly responsible medical facility and/or doctor.

In the recent case, the executor of a woman’s estate filed a lawsuit against a doctor and physicians’ services practice, claiming that they did not exercise the care expected of them when treating the woman. The plaintiff asserted that the woman was prescribed a drug called fludrocortisone. However, this drug was reportedly contraindicated with the woman’s heart condition.

A couple of days later, the woman’s mental state got worse, so she was placed in a medical center due to serious electrolyte abnormalities. The plaintiff claimed that the woman’s condition never did stabilize and that she was unable to regain consciousness. The woman died shortly thereafter.

According to the plaintiff, the defendants did not diagnose the woman properly, and they prescribed the drug negligently. She is seeking a jury trial and a judgment exceeding $50,000 along with the costs of the lawsuit. Liability in a suit involving medication errors in West Virginia and elsewhere has to be established in a manner that satisfies the civil court before claims for monetary damages will be determined. A successful outcome may lead to a monetary award that may help to cover funeral costs, the loss of support and other monetary damages stemming from the documented incident of medical malpractice.

Source:, “Medical malpractice suit alleges prescription resulted in death“, Michael Abella, Nov. 4, 2016