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Defective products include bicycle lights and chain saws

| Dec 29, 2016 | Uncategorized

A few products were recently recalled due to hazardous defects, with the recalls potentially affecting consumers in West Virginia. Among these products were bicycle lights and chain saws. If defective products cause customers harm, the manufacturers of these products may be held liable through the civil court system.

The bicycle lights that were recalled were Ion 700 RT and Trek Bontrager Flare RT lights. Both of these light models are black and were marketed at bike stores throughout the United States between July 2016 and October 2016. About 600 lights are being recalled because they may operate intermittently when they are used with remote transmitters, therefore reducing bike riders’ visibility and potentially causing injury. So far, there have been seven reports of these light problems.

The chain saws that were recently recalled are Craftsman-brand saws. The problematic saws were manufactured from November 2015 to June 2016. These saws are being recalled because they have the potential to leak fuel, which poses a fire hazard. More than 19,000 of these saws are included in the recall.

Consumers in the state of West Virginia who are injured by defective products have the right to take legal action by filing product liability claims against the makers of these dangerous products. Liability has to be established to the civil court’s satisfaction, based upon a showing of negligence, before claims for damages will be determined. A successfully fought suit may result in a monetary award, which may help to cover hospital bills and other expenses associated with the injuries caused by a hazardous product.

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