Defective Medical Devices Include Some Hip Implants

Two hip systems that patients in West Virginia may be using have been the subjects of several product liability claims due to their defects. Both of these defective medical devices, the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System, are metal-on-metal systems that have reportedly caused a wide range of health problems in patients. They have been linked to broken or dislocated hips, thyroid issues, kidney problems and heart and nerve issues.

A metal-on-metal hip replacement system has a metal ball that fits into a metal socket. When a person with this implant system moves or walks, the metal ball moves inside the metal cup. However, small metal particles can wear off the components and enter the person’s bloodstream.

Orthopedic surgeons may help to limit the friction between the ball and socket. However, there is currently no known procedure to keep the metal particles from shedding. As a result, the patient may eventually suffer damage to the bone and tissue in the area of the hip implant. This could cause the implant to become loose, resulting in pain and requiring replacement of the implant.

If people in West Virginia suffer harm due to the use of defective medical devices, they may choose to file product liability claims against the makers of the medical devices and/or other parties in the chain of supply to the consumer. They may pursue claims for damages that — if awarded — may help to cover any additional surgery required to remove and replace the implant. A damage award may also help to address lost wages, pain and suffering and other monetary losses recognized by applicable laws.

Source: FindLaw, “DePuy Hip Implants“, Accessed on Dec. 7, 2016


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