Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Benefit From Quality Sleep

For people in West Virginia and elsewhere who have serious injuries to their brains, researchers have identified a solid link between their recovery and their sleep patterns. Researchers completed a study involving 30 patients who were hospitalized for traumatic brain injury, both its severe and moderate forms. They learned through the study that a patient’s brain function improves if his or her sleep quality improves.

In the study, patients with low cognitive functioning and consciousness levels slept for two minutes and then woke up for two minutes. This happened both during the daytime and even at night. However, when their brains had recovered, their normal sleeping and waking cycles reappeared.

Based on the research results, it is possible that patients who have suffered brain injuries may experience more rapid recovery if hospitals attempt to restore their normal patterns for sleeping. Drugs are a possible option. Another option is to ensure that patients receive sunlight exposure in the daytime and are able to sleep in the dark and in a quiet environment at night.

The research may provide hope for those suffering traumatic brain injury, which can drastically impact a person’s quality of life. Sometimes, these types of injuries are the result of another person’s negligence during a vehicle accident in West Virginia, for example. In these situations, the victims may choose to file personal injury claims against the reportedly at-fault parties in the pursuit of damages. A damage award cannot undo the events leading to a victim’s traumatic brain injury, but it may help the person to feel a sense of justice in light of such an ordeal.

Source:, “After Brain Injury, Sleep Is Essential To Recovery : Shots“, Jon Hamilton, Dec. 21, 2016


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