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A man in a different state claims that he suffered a slip-and-fall injury at a sport club due to the club’s carelessness. He recently filed a lawsuit against the club. Individuals in West Virginia and other states who are hurt in slip-and-fall accidents as a result of the negligence of a property owner may have recourse through the civil justice system. 

The man alleges that he was lawfully on the premises of the sport club one day. While using the club’s diving board, he suddenly slipped and the fell. He reportedly ended up suffering major injuries as a result of the incident.

The man asserts that the club failed to take the necessary precautions to warn people about the dangerous conditions at the club. It is also alleged that the club failed to manage and maintain its premises in a manner deemed reasonably safe. He requests a jury trial as well as damages exceeding $50,000, plus costs of the legal suit.

Those in West Virginia who are injured in slip-and-fall accidents due to the failure of property owners to properly maintain their properties typically have the right to file premises liability claims in civil court. Liability must first be established based upon appropriate proof of negligence. Once that is accomplished to the satisfaction of the court adjudicating the case, claims for monetary damages will be decided. A damage award may help to cover medical bills, loss of wages due to having to miss work and other monetary losses recognized by applicable laws.

Source:, “Man sues over diving board slip and fall“, Michael Abella, Jan. 16, 2017