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Walmart’s alleged dangerous property conditions cause injury

| Jan 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

A man in another state claims that he suffered injuries at a Walmart store. The injury allegedly occurred due to the store’s dangerous property conditions, which is typically grounds for a lawsuit in West Virginia and elsewhere. The man has thus sued the store, seeking a monetary judgment for damages sustained.

The man asserts that he was shopping at the retail giant one day. He asserts that he slipped after stepping on a foreign substance. He ended up falling to the floor.

The man claims that, due to the fall, he suffered disability and bodily injury. According to his suit, he also suffered mental anguish, disfigurement and the loss of capacity to enjoy life. The man alleges that he also experienced the loss of earnings, the loss of his ability to earn income and nursing care as well as hospitalization expenses. The fall also reportedly aggravated a medical condition he had before the event.

The man claims that Walmart is responsible for his injuries because it did not inspect the store periodically and in a timely manner. The store is also blamed for not warning the man about the dangerous property conditions or hidden peril. He seeks a jury trial. Any person in West Virginia who has been injured due to a property owner’s negligence has the right to seek full financial accountability from the property owner through the civil court system. Monetary compensation cannot undo the events leading to a plaintiff’s injuries, but it may help the plaintiff to more easily move forward from such an ordeal.

Source:, “Man alleges he was injured in slip and fall at a Walmart store“, Jenie Mallari-Torres, Jan. 9, 2017