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Alleged surgical errors lead to lawsuit against cruise line

| Feb 10, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

A man in another state recently claimed that he was hurt on a cruise ship due to medical malpractice. Specifically, surgical errors reportedly led to his injury. If medical providers in West Virginia and elsewhere fail to provide proper care to patients and their patients suffer injuries as a result, they may be held liable in civil court.

In the out-of-state case, the man claimed he fell on the cruise ship and ended up breaking his leg. He was then transported to a hospital for which the United States Consulate had issued a warning for questionable practices. According to the man, the medical staff at the hospital committed malpractice while performing surgery on him, thus forcing him to undergo further treatments and surgeries.

The man asserted that he held the cruise line responsible since it allowed him to be transported to a health care facility that was unable to provide him with appropriate medical care. Due to the incident, the man has reportedly suffered over $400,000 in health care bills. In his lawsuit, the man is seeking damages and other relief that the court considers to be fair considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Unfortunately, surgical errors and other types of medical errors in West Virginia can occur if health care staff fail to exercise a reasonable degree of care when taking care of patients. In these cases, patients have the right to file malpractice claims, seeking the reimbursement of damages. If awarded, damages may help them to cover the costs of treating their injuries as well as other losses caused by the document incident of medical malpractice.  

Source:, “Silversea Cruises passenger alleges cruise line sent him to questionable medical facility“, Wadi Reformado, Feb. 3, 2017