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Britax car seat mounts are considered dangerous products

| Feb 23, 2017 | Products Liability

The recent recall of hundreds of thousands of defective car seat mounts may impact consumers in West Virginia. Specifically, they have the potential to disengage. The dangerous products being recalled come from the company Britax.

The recalled items, Click & Go receivers, were made to allow car seat carriers to be attached to stroller frames. However, the company has gotten more than 30 reports about the seats disconnecting from strollers and falling down. So far, there have been 26 reports regarding injuries that children have suffered in connection with the car seat mounts.

Britax has also received more than 1,300 reports about strollers with Click & Go mounts that were damaged. The problematic mounts were sold at stores throughout the United States, including Target, Babies R Us and buybuy Baby. The products were also sold online from 2011 to 2017. Consumers have been instructed to quit using the mounts and to get in touch with Britax to get complementary repair kits.

Product manufacturers are naturally expected to carefully design and test their products before making them available for public consumption. If this does not happen, consumers may end up suffering serious injuries due to using the manufacturers’ dangerous products. In such a situation, a product liability claim may be filed against the manufacturer in pursuit of damages. A damage award in a successfully fought claim in West Virginia may help to cover the costs associated with medical treatments for the injuries suffered and even any necessary physical rehabilitation depending on the nature of the injuries.

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