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A woman in an out-of-state case has claimed that she was hurt in somebody else’s home due to the homeowner’s negligence. Her injuries occurred after she reportedly slipped on the homeowner’s rug. Slip-and-fall accidents stemming from the carelessness of property owners are grounds for litigation in the state of West Virginia and elsewhere.

The premises liability lawsuit was filed on a recent Tuesday. According to the suit, the plaintiff was at the defendant’s home one day after being invited there. When she stepped on a rug runner, the rug reportedly moved beneath her feet. The woman claimed that she therefore slipped and fell in the area of a hallway and staircase.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff claimed that the homeowner had a duty to offer guests safe walkway surfaces. However, this homeowner allegedly breached this duty. As a result, the plaintiff allegedly suffered painful injuries and mental anguish along with the loss of a normal life. She also claimed to have accrued medical expenses as a result of her slip-and-fall accident.

The homeowner is accused of not providing enough lighting where the plaintiff fell and for not warning the woman about the dangerous condition existing in the home. She is seeking damages totaling more than $50,000 along with suit-related costs in this premises liability case. In legal claims involving slip-and-fall accidents that happen due to dangerous residential or commercial property conditions in the state of West Virginia, liability has to be established to the civil court’s satisfaction before claims for damages will be determined.

Source:, “Guest sues homeowner over slip, fall on rug“, Michael Abella, Feb. 21, 2017