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Some recent product recalls may affect consumers in West Virginia. These recalls include portable table saws as well as snowshoe packages and snowshoes. Certain hooded sweatshirts are also considered dangerous products according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The portable table saws being recalled are by Craftsman. According to officials, these saws’ stands may collapse without warning. Thus, they pose an impact injury hazard as well as a laceration hazard to their operators. So far, there have been 11 reports regarding the table saws collapsing. According to these reports, the saws caused finger and hand injuries, shoulder strain, lacerations, broken bones, abd the partial amputation of a fingernail.

The snowshoes being recalled are from L.L. Bean. These snowshoes feature an aluminum frame along with plastic on the shoes themselves. There have been four reports about the plastic cracking, which poses a fall hazard.

Finally, the hooded sweatshirts that were recently recalled are from RDG Global. These sweatshirts have drawstrings, which pose a strangulation hazard to the girls who wear them. No injuries have yet been reported in connection with these sweatshirts.

If dangerous products end up causing harm to consumers in the state of West Virginia or elsewhere, the injured victims have the right to file product liability claims against the product manufacturers, seeking the reimbursement of damages sustained. Liability must be established to the court’s satisfaction before claims for damages will be determined. Monetary compensation in a successfully fought suit may help to cover medical costs and other injury-related losses.

Source:, “Recall Friday: Table saws, hoodies and snowshoes“, March 10, 2017