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A woman in another state claims that the negligence of a nursing home caused her to slip, fall and injure herself. In West Virginia and elsewhere, slip-and-fall accidents can happen if an owner fails to maintain their property safely. In those circumstances, the property may be held financially responsible for any resulting injuries.

The woman alleges that she went to the nursing and rehabilitation center one day to visit her mother, a patient there. During her visit, she reportedly stepped in some soapy water that was on the floor, and ended up slipping and falling. She claims the fall caused her to suffer physical injuries.

The woman asserts that the nursing home should have cleaned up the soapy water but did not. As a result, the business has been accused of not taking sufficient measures to prevent the woman from falling and hurting herself. The company is also accused of not providing a warning about the presence of the hazard on the floor.

The woman is requesting over $50,000 in damages along with court costs. Companies in West Virginia have a responsibility to keep their premises free from dangers, but this does not always happen. In these situations, a person who is injured on another party’s property may have the right to file a premises liability claim, seeking the reimbursement of damages sustained. Liability needs to be established to the court’s satisfaction before claims for damages will be decided. Monetary compensation in successfully fought cases involving slip-and-fall accidents can help with covering the medical costs and related financial losses incurred.

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