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Man claims Walmart’s dangerous property conditions caused fall

| Apr 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

A man in another state claims that he hurt his leg while at a Walmart’s store recently. He has therefore filed a premises liability claim against the supermarket chain, seeking a monetary judgment for damages. Companies in West Virginia and elsewhere that fail to address dangerous property conditions may face claims for financial responsibility if their customers end up getting hurt as a result.

In the out-of-state case, the man was walking into a Walmart’s store back in Jan. 2016. At that time, he reportedly slipped on a substance that was slippery and clear. The fall caused the man to hurt his right leg.

According to the lawsuit, the victim suffered great pain and physical injuries, and he accrued medical costs as a result. The man alleges that the store did not use utilize ordinary diligence and care in maintaining its premises in a condition considered to be reasonably safe. In addition, it is claimed that Walmart’s did not warn the man about the hazard on the floor and did not install a non-slip surface on the floor.

The man involved in this slip-and-fall accident seeks a jury trial along with more than $50,000 in damages. Anyone in West Virginia who is hurt due to dangerous property conditions may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the owner of the property. Monetary compensation in a successfully presented claim will not reverse the events leading to the victim’s injury, but it may help to address medical costs, loss of wages and any pain and suffering stemming from the incident.

Source:, “Wood River Wal-Mart sued over man’s slip and fall injury“, Noddy A. Fernandez, April 10,2017