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Even mild brain injury can cause brain cells to swell

| Aug 17, 2017 | Brain Injuries

When a motor vehicle crash occurs in West Virginia, an accidental bump of the head can naturally occur. If it is severe, such an injury may lead to a concussion. However, new brain injury research found that even a mild injury in the head area can actually produce a temporary, round swelling area within brain cells.

The new research offers essential insights into brain injury, which is still poorly understood in general. In the study, researchers specifically worked with neurons, a type of brain cell. They injured these cells on purpose by using a method called puffing, which involves applying pressure to cells.

Through the research, the scientists saw that the injury selectively affected the axons — the threadlike sections of the neurons. These structures carry electrical signals from the neurons to other cells. The recent research findings may help scientists to develop a better understanding of trauma in the head area and how to treat it.

Suffering a brain injury can quickly impact one’s life in West Virginia, as brain injuries may lead to memory problems and other issues that may be long lasting. If a traumatic brain injury resulted from the carelessness of another driver on the road — for instance, the driver was texting and driving when he or she caused the accident leading to the brain injury — this negligent driver may be held liable in civil court. The brain injury victim may choose to file a personal injury claim against him or her, seeking damages. A monetary award in a successfully fought case may help with addressing the medical costs and other losses associated with the potentially life-altering accident.

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