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Dangerous household products involve 2 separate brands of chairs

| Nov 29, 2017 | Products Liability

A couple of chair-related product recalls may not sit well with consumers in West Virginia. The first recall involves defective outdoor chairs. Meanwhile, the second recall of dangerous household products involves rocking chairs.

Regarding the outdoor chairs, around 2,600 Girona dining chairs made of wood have been recalled because they may cause customers to fall. The problem is that the base has the potential to separate from the back of the chair. So far, three reports regarding a joint separation between the chair seat and back have been made, and there have been two reports about display chairs collapsing in stores while customers were using them. The two customers claimed they received minor bruises and cuts as a result of their falls.

Concerning the rocking chairs, around 1,600 Herman Miller’s Eames rockers have been recalled because their bases can separate from the seats, thus leading to customer falls. Nine reports about customers falling have been received so far. Six people claimed they suffered cuts and bumps as a result of using these rocking chairs.

Customers in West Virginia naturally expect product makers to produce safely engineered and manufactured products before placing them in stores. However, this does not always happen, and consumers end up suffering injuries as a result of using dangerous household products. In these situations, the injured consumers have the right to file product liability claims against the product manufacturers, seeking damages. A successfully fought suit may lead to a monetary award that might help to address medical bills and other related losses.

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