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Off-highway vehicles deemed dangerous products

| Apr 19, 2018 | Products Liability

Products throughout the United States, including in West Virginia, are typically recalled for one of two reasons: They pose a fire threat or are a choking hazard. Recently recalled recreational off-highway vehicles, RZR XP 1000s, fall under the first category. About 10,000 of these dangerous products have been recalled due to their potential to cause burns.

The vehicles being recalled have been sold over the last five years. The problem with these vehicles is that they feature exhaust silencers that can fatigue and crack. As a result, the heat shields may not be able to manage heat.

This may, in turn, cause nearby components to melt or lead to a blaze. Those who own these vehicles are encouraged to stop riding them in light of the product defect. The company has offered to repair these vehicles for free.

Customers naturally expect manufacturers to produce items that are tested and proven to be safe for members of the public to use. Unfortunately, sometimes dangerous products end up being sold and purchased, and these products may end up causing consumers to suffer serious injuries. Even if a product recall is issued once a defect is discovered, some customers may have already suffered harm due to using the dangerous products.

In these situations, the injured customers have the right to file product liability claims, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. An understanding of what facts must be proved is likely necessary to prevail in this type of civil court case in West Virginia. Financial damages in successfully fought suits may help with addressing medical bills and other losses stemming from the use of the dangerous products.

Source:, “Don’t get burned by these recalled products“, Jason Pederson, April 11, 2018