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Car accident leads to 3 injuries

| May 31, 2018 | Car Accidents

A single-car crash has sadly caused three people in West Virginia to be injured. The car accident took place on a recent Wednesday. Sometimes, these types of car wrecks happen due to the carelessness of a driver, in which case, the driver may be held accountable for any injuries or deaths that occur.

The recent car crash occurred at about 3:18 p.m. According to police, an automobile suddenly ran off the road. It then crashed into an embankment.

One person in the car was thrown from the automobile. Meanwhile, two other people suffered serious injuries. All three individuals were taken to nearby medical centers for the treatment of their injuries.

It is possible that the accident happened due to driver negligence — for instance, perhaps the driver of the car that struck the embankment was speeding or driving while distracted. In this situation, the two injured passengers in the car may choose to file personal injury claims against the car’s driver, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages. Competent proof of negligence is needed to establish liability before the civil court hearing the case. Only then will claims for monetary damages be decided.

In a successfully litigated car accident case in West Virginia, a monetary award might help an injury victim to cover his or her hospital expenses, lost wages and other economic damages tied to the motor vehicle wreck. Monetary damages cannot undo the events leading to an injury-causing accident. However, they may help the victim to more easily move forward from the accident.

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