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Dangerous products include Lorex video monitors

| Jun 14, 2018 | Products Liability

Some consumers in West Virginia might be impacted by a recent product recall involving surveillance video monitors. Specifically, the company Lorex has decided to recall around 22,000 monitors. According to authorities, these monitors are dangerous products because they have the potential to cause burns.

Officials at Lorex said that the batteries in the recalled monitors may overheat and then swell and expand. This may, in turn, cause the cover of the battery compartment to open, therefore exposing hot batteries. The hot batteries may then lead to consumer burns.

So far, the company has received nearly 330 reports about overheating and expanding monitor batteries. The products were sold online at the company’s website and at Best Buy nationwide. Consumers who have these monitors have been instructed to quit using them and speak with Lorex about receiving full refunds.

Consumers expect the products they purchase to be safe for them to use. Unfortunately, sometimes, dangerous products end up in their hands and may cause them serious injuries depending on the nature of the products’ defects. In these situations, the consumers have the right to assess all of their legal options to right any wrong that has been committed, which include demanding the reimbursement of financial damages sustained through the use of the harmful products. A monetary damage award in a successfully fought product liability case might help with addressing related medical expenses and other losses. Of course, an understanding of what facts must be proved is likely critical to prevail in a product liability case in West Virginia.