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Most likely injuries in a motorcycle accident

| Jun 7, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents

Summer is the time of year when motorcycle enthusiasts in West Virginia bring their bikes out from winter storage and take to the open roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it takes more coordination and skill to operate a bike than what is required for driving a vehicle. Furthermore, motorcycle riders must dress to make themselves more visible, and learn to drive defensively. According to the NHTSA, eight in 10 motorcycle accident victims suffer severe injuries or death.

Bikers have none of the protections offered to motorists, and nothing will stop them from making contact with the road surface in the event of an accident. Depending on the level of protective gear worn, skin damage can occur. First-degree road rash appears as only a red skin, while a broken skin with intact inner layers is classified as a second-degree rash. However, immediate medical attention is required for third-degree road rash in which the outer layer of the skin is so damaged that inner layers of fat and tissue are exposed.

Due to bikes having only two wheels, most crashes cause them to fall over — often onto the rider’s leg. This makes fractured legs the most common motorcycle injury, although some victims suffer arm, wrist, pelvic and shoulder fractures. Some of the most severe injuries for those who survive motorcycle accidents are head injuries, which often include traumatic brain injuries. Safety authorities say TBI is the primary cause of disability and death in bike crashes.

Any victim of a motorcycle accident in West Virginia that was caused by the negligence of another party may seek financial relief through the civil justice system. An experienced attorney can provide support with a personal injury lawsuit in pursuit of recovery of monetary and emotional damages. The same applies if guidance is necessary when the surviving family members of a deceased crash victim files a wrongful death lawsuit.