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Slip-and-fall accidents may occur on ice outside of businesses

| Jun 28, 2018 | Uncategorized

A man in another state recently claimed that he was injured at a McDonald’s eatery due to the management’s carelessness. He has thus filed a lawsuit against the company’s operator. Likewise, if injury-causing slip-and-fall accidents occur at businesses in West Virginia due to the companies’ negligence, those injured in the accidents have the right to seek to hold these establishments accountable through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the man asserted that he was at the restaurant one day in January and ended up slipping and falling on ice there. The ice was apparently located on a sidewalk outside of the eatery. The slip-and-fall accident reportedly caused the man to suffer permanent and serious injuries to the head and neck area.

According to the man, his injuries resulted in disfigurement as well as permanent scarring. He also reportedly incurred rehabilitative and medical expenses in addition to losing earnings. The man claimed that the restaurant’s operator failed to correctly inspect, test and clean the area where he fell. He further asserted that the restaurant did not provide enough warning regarding the danger.

As part of his lawsuit, the man is seeking a jury trial and relief totaling more than $50,000. In successfully fought cases involving slip-and-fall accidents in West Virginia, monetary relief cannot undo the events leading to the accidents. However, it can help the victims to more easily move forward from them. An understanding of what facts must be proved will likely be necessary to prevail in these types of cases.