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Several steps are wise to take following slip-and-fall accidents

| Aug 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

When people in West Virginia go shopping, they naturally expect to remain safe during their store visits. However, slip-and-fall accidents can easily happen if store owners fail to keep their premises free of hazards. Here are a few important steps to take following a slip-and-fall accident.

The most important step to take after a slip-and-fall incident is to seek the attention of a doctor. The doctor can appropriately document a victim’s injuries and provide him or her with an accurate medical diagnosis. In addition, the doctor can provide the victim with the treatment needed to prevent additional damage. Internal injuries, broken bones and concussions are all relatively common injuries related to slip-and-fall accidents.

Next, it is important to notify the involved store of the incident. The owner of the property should be able to produce a written report featuring the details of the incident. Obtaining a copy of this report is a wise move.

Finally, hiring a personal injury attorney is critical. An attorney in West Virginia can help with filing a personal injury claim against a business that allegedly caused a shopper’s slip-and-fall accident injuries due to negligence on its part. The attorney will make sure that the claim is filed within the state’s statutes of limitations. An attorney’s ultimate goal in cases involving slip-and-fall accidents is to make sure that the victim’s rights and best interests are protected each step of the way. A successfully fought lawsuit may lead to a monetary damage award that might help with addressing medical bills and other accident-related costs.