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Emerson thermostats are considered to be dangerous products

| Dec 19, 2018 | Products Liability

A recent thermostat recall may impact some homeowners in West Virginia and other states. Specifically, Emerson Sensi Wifi thermostats are being recalled because they have the potential to catch fire. These dangerous products were manufactured by the company White-Rodgers, which voluntarily issued the recall.

According to officials, the Emerson thermostat may become damaged due to contact between line voltage in a consumer’s household and the thermostat’s wires. This, in turn, may lead to fire. So far, eight people have reported property damage from these thermostats.

The problematic thermostats were marketed nationwide at stores such as Johnstone, Golden State FC and Home Depot stores between April 2014 and December 2016. Dates codes of between 1416 and 1536 are present on the backs of the thermostats. In addition, these recalled products are all white and have LCD screens.

Sometimes, manufacturers produce products that are unfortunately unsafe for customers to use. If consumers end up using these dangerous products and suffering serious injuries as a result, it is within their right to seek damages for their injuries. They can do this by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

In successfully litigated cases involving dangerous products, the plaintiffs may receive monetary awards that might help them to cover their medical bills and other related losses. Monetary compensation might also help with addressing pain and suffering resulting from the use of a hazardous product. An understanding of what facts have to be proved will most likely be critical to prevail in this type of case in West Virginia.