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Laptop battery packs are recently recalled dangerous products

| Mar 14, 2019 | Products Liability

Laptop users in West Virginia may be affected by a product recall recently issued by information technology company HP. Company officials reported that several HP laptop batteries are dangerous products because they feature defects that put consumers at risk of suffering injuries in fires. Over 78,000 laptop batteries are part of the recent recall.

This is the second time since the start of 2019 that HP has recalled problematic laptop battery packs. The first battery pack recall took place in January, when the company recalled about 50,000 of these devices. The problem with both sets of recalled batteries is that they may overheat and therefore catch fire.

After its recall in January, HP was told at least eight times about consumers’ experiences with melting, overheating or charring battery packs. In one case, a battery pack caused an individual to suffer minor injuries. However, in a couple of other cases, consumers’ property sustained more than a thousand dollars in damage. Those who have the defective battery packs can get them replaced for free through an authorized technician.

At times, dangerous products end up on store shelves and thus in customers’ homes, where they may ultimately cause serious injuries to the products’ users. Unfortunately, these dangerous products may cause physical injuries and even prevent consumers from returning to work for extended periods, depending on the nature of the injuries. Fortunately, any customer in West Virginia who is hurt due to using a defective product may choose to file a liability claim against the maker of the product, seeking damages. A successfully fought claim might lead to a monetary damage award that may help with addressing health care bills and other losses related to the use of the dangerous product.