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Auto defects spark recall of Ford pickup trucks

| Apr 11, 2019 | Defective Car Parts

Some West Virginians may be driving Ford pickup trucks that authorities say are dangerous to operate due to an engine-block heater issue. Officials recently recalled over 130,000 trucks with the goal of repairing their components. These components might have been damaged due to another recall that was made to repair auto defects.

Back in Dec. 2018, more than 410,000 Ford pickup trucks were recalled due to a fire risk associated with the engine-block heater. Contaminants and water were able to enter the connector for the block heater cable, leading to corrosion. Unfortunately, the connectors may have been damaged further when they were inspected as part of this recall, and this has sparked the most recent recall.

According to authorities, the connectors still carry a fire risk. However, this safety risk exists only when a person parks the pickup truck and the cable is in an electrical outlet. So far, at least one fire has occurred as a result of the previously done recall work.

Sometimes motor vehicle manufacturers produce automobiles that are dangerous for consumers to use, and there is a delay in notifying the public of the specific problem. Unfortunately, in some cases, injuries are suffered due to these cars before the auto defects are even discovered. Fortunately, consumers have the right in such a situation to seek to hold the manufacturers of the defective automobiles financially accountable through the civil court system in West Virginia. An understanding of what facts they need to prove will likely be critical to prevail in this type of civil court case.