Traumatic Brain Injury Heavily Linked to Car Crashes

Research shows that car collisions remain the top cause of visits to the emergency room, hospital stays, and deaths tied to head injuries for people between 15 and 34 years of age. Traumatic brain injury, in particular, constitutes around 30% of injury-related deaths across the United States. However, diagnosing and treating this type of injury is essential for preventing such deaths in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Over the past several years, not much research has been done on the connection between motor vehicle collisions and traumatic brain injury. Instead, researchers have focused on the connection between brain injury and military or American football participation. However, a laboratory recently created a portion of a method for assessing the likelihood of traumatic brain injury based on car wreck conditions — for example, impact angle and velocity.

This new approach is unique in that it involves combining computational data and experimental data. Experimental data include information derived from conducting animal tests, for example. Meanwhile, the computational approach involves the use of finite element models — math tools used for predicting how systems, such as the brain system, will act when exposed to an external force.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injury can have a negative impact on a person physically, emotionally, and even financially due to the medical care required to address it. However, if someone’s brain injury in West Virginia is the result of another party’s carelessness — such as speeding while behind the wheel — the injury victim may seek the reimbursement of monetary damages via a personal injury claim. A successfully fought suit may lead to a monetary damage award that might help with addressing medical bills and other expenses related to the injury.


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