AI May Help With Identifying Dangerous Products Early on

 | Aug 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Goods in West Virginia and elsewhere may unfortunately have defects that can cause consumers serious injuries. Fortunately, though, technology may make it easier to spot issues with products in the future. According to experts, artificial intelligence (AI) in particular may help with identifying dangerous products.

Researchers at a university have developed an AI program that is capable of identifying items that are still on store shelves but may need to be recalled. This program is based in part on customer reviews on Amazon. This is not a far cry from what health departments throughout the United States are already doing: they are using Google, Yelp and Twitter data to monitor foodborne illnesses.

The benefit of tools such as the new AI program is that they can rapidly pore through a database to obtain essential information about products. For example, they may find out which products have caused people to become ill or are rotten. This information may, in turn, prevent many consumers from purchasing or consuming potentially hazardous products.

Unfortunately, even with the help of technology, not all dangerous products are pulled from store shelves before they can cause harm to consumers. The good news is that if a consumer is hurt due to using a hazardous product, he or she has the right to file a product liability claim against the maker of that product, seeking damages. An attorney in West Virginia can help the harmed consumer to file such a claim and pursue the maximum amount of damages to which he or she is entitled given his or her unique situation.


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