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Truck wreck leads to spilled steel, closed highway in West Virginia

| Feb 26, 2020 | Truck Accidents

First responders were called to a crash scene early on Feb. 25, 2020, as police hurried to close part of I-77 following a tractor-trailer accident. While details on the accident were thin at the time, the reports did say that the truck rolled over near mile marker 48 on the northbound side of the road. It spilled its load of steel into traffic.

This accident serves as a reminder that drivers in West Virginia as well as elsewhere frequently share the road with large, industrial vehicles. The truckers often transport raw and refined materials like processed steel, logs and coal to other areas. When accidents occur, they are can sometimes be attributed to improper loading processes.

Improper loading of freight trucks can happen in several ways. Sometimes, a load is simply not secured properly or the restraints used to secure the load are in bad shape and break. Other times, the load was too heavy for the truck or not properly balanced. In some circumstances, the driver is just inexperienced and can’t handle the weight of the truck and a full cargo load when going around a sharp curve.

Even if you manage to evade a truck accident, the debris that’s thrown into the road can be incredibly dangerous. Falling logs or steel rolls, for example, can kill someone or cause serious injuries. If you are injured or your loved one is killed when a truck loses its cargo on the road, find out how you can protect your interests against the insurance companies.